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Christmas 2018 Out of Office Message

Andrew Treloar, Because I could not stop for Mail

With apologies to Emily Dickinson and her Because I could not stop for Death.

Screenshot of GMail category

Because I would not stop for Mail
It did not stop for me
My GMail held its usual trove
A superfluity

I slowly read - there was no haste
For I had put away
My hopes of reaching Inbox null
Before my holidays

I cleared the Social tab, at first
Of least value to me
Promotions next was also quick
Archive and let it be

The Updates tab was harder work
A mix of good and bad
The good produced a little smile
The bad just made me sad

I paused before the Forums tab
So many threads were there
But finger poised upon delete
I tackled the nightmare

Then I was left with Primary
The messages that count
If I did naught, I knew they would
Continue just to mount

A remedy was close to hand
I'll wipe the ledger clear!
If people care, they'll write again
I'll answer them - next year!

And yet I cannot bring myself
to take the easy road
While I'm away they'll multiply;
My post-vacation load...