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Christmas 2013 Holiday Status Message:

I am currently based at DANS in The Hague as a Visiting Fellow. Until the start of February 2014, I will be attending to my emails using a set of filters whose function can be summarised using the following pseudo-code. My apologies in advance if this system means your email is not attended to until February next year. NOTE: The algorithm may need to be tweaked over time to ensure it has the desired effect.

    CASE Email.To of
        'rda-tab@lists.rd-alliance.org': FiltertoFolder(1-Do/RDA-TAB);
        'plenary3@lists.rd-alliance.org': FiltertoFolder(1-Do/RDA-Plenary3);
        '*.bfe-inf.org': FiltertoFolder(1-Do/Belmont-Forum);
        'andrew.treloar@*monash.edu*': FiltertoFolder(4-Defer/UntilFeb2014)
        'ands-central@googlegroups.com': FiltertoFolder(4-Defer/UntilFeb2014)
    CASE Email.From
        '*.dans.knaw.nl': ForwardTo(andrew.treloar@dans.knaw.nl);
    CASE Email.Subject of
        '*[JIRA]*': FiltertoFolder(1-Do/ANDS-JIRA);
UNTIL Date = "02/02/2014"