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Hypermedia Online Publishing: the Transformation of the Scholarly Journal

5.1 Introduction

Section II of this thesis dealt with the two strands of Publishing and Technology. Chapter 3: Print Publishing of Scholarly Journals discussed the evolution of the print scholarly journal to date. Chapter 4: Technology Developments considered the technology developments over the last two decades. These are developments that were largely driven by other forces, but that might potentially be applicable to the communication of scholarly information. Section III now turns to the potentials inherent in the technologies (as well as in the current system of print publication), the pressures on the current system, and some of the developing responses to both the technology potentials and the pressures.

This chapter focuses on the potentials and the pressures for transformation. It aims to describe the potentials for transformation both of publishing functions and stakeholder roles. It also looks at what the pressures are and how they might act on the stakeholders and the functions of the journal.

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