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Hypermedia Online Publishing: the Transformation of the Scholarly Journal

6.2.11 Preserving brand identity

Most people probably do not think about scholarly journals in the same way they think about toothpaste, and yet both are examples of branded content.

A brand is a set of expectations and associations that a given community has about a product, and attaching a brand to one's content stream is a way of explaining what it is and enabling satisfied consumers to get 'more like that'... Brands increasingly cross media boundaries [Agre, 1995b]

A number of print journals are moving into parallel electronic delivery. In every case, they are taking their brand identity across into cyberspace. Tim O'Reilly (from O'Reilly and Associates) singles out brand identity as a "critical part of publishing success in what might be called commodity information businesses" [OReilly, 1995', p. 30]. 'Brand identity' for journals has always been important. As the amount of networked information available increases scholars may come to rely more and more on brand identity for journals or even individual scholars.

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