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Hypermedia Online Publishing: the Transformation of the Scholarly Journal

8.1 Introduction

The previous chapter presented the results of the survey phase of the research. This phase quantified the responses of two comparable groups of scholars to questions about their demographics, access to technology, use of various electronic publishing technologies, and attitudes to the new scholarly publishing possibilities. Scholars, while important, are only one of the stakeholder groups within scholarly publishing and only one component of the publishing ecology (in their dual roles as producers and consumers of journal articles).

To investigate another component of the ecology, a series of in-depth case-studies examined libraries who were responsible for a significant and innovative electronic publishing project, rather than just acting as an access point for material provided by a publisher. The intention of this phase of the research was to get a sense of how five very different libraries were approaching the challenges of the new technologies and rethinking the role they could play in the system of scholarly communication.

This chapter describes the results of this research. Firstly, the overall research process is outlined, with an explanation of the process of project selection, data collection, and analysis. Next, each project (listed in alphabetical order) is described with particular emphasis on its origin and organisation, the products it is responsible for, the lessons learned by the project participants during its life to date, and finishing with an examination of future prospects.

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