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Hypermedia Online Publishing: the Transformation of the Scholarly Journal

9.2.4 Insights from case studies

A number of the libraries studied as part of the case study phase of the research are engaged in projects that were redefining the form of the scholarly journal in response to new technology. Highwire Press (see 8.3: Highwire Press on page 149) is responsible for JBC Online(see 6.3.1: Journal of Biological Chemistry on page 95), Science Online and a host of similarly innovative e-journals with a wide range of features impossible in print. Their user surveys are very positive about the features of these journals [Gotsch and Reich, 1997]. The Internet Library of Early Journals (see 8.4: Internet Library of Early Journals (ILEJ) on page 151) is transforming older journals by making them available to a wider audience and searchable (albeit imperfectly) for the first time. Project Muse (see 8.6: Project Muse on page 156) was at the forefront of this trend by taking an early decision to transform a stable of print journals into online existence while adding a host of features impossible in the print versions. Each of these projects demonstrates that the technology does make the transformation of print journals possible and successful.

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