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Hypermedia Online Publishing: the Transformation of the Scholarly Journal

10.5.2 Who does the archiving?

Libraries are reluctant to trust publishers to either maintain archives or maintain access. Publishers are reluctant to maintain the archives themselves, but also reluctant to allow libraries to obtain the content they have subscribed to (as opposed to access to that content). This is because publishers are concerned that they may lose control of their easily-copied digital content (something that is less of an issue with print information). This suggests at least two possibilities. One is that scholarly societies (who are committed to their members) or libraries (who have always seen archiving as part of their mission) will increasingly act as publishers and ensure continuity of access and migration of content. Another possibility is the emergence of what are effectively scholarly content escrow organisations (such as OCLC's ECO) who can be trusted both by libraries and publishers to behave appropriately and who can develop the expertise in archiving digital content while benefiting from economies of scale.

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