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Hypermedia Online Publishing: the Transformation of the Scholarly Journal

11.3 Library Case-Study Questions

These are the questions used to structure the interviews with librarians as discussed in Chapter 8: Library Case Studies. Because this was a semi-structured interview process, not all the questions were used with each participant, and other issues were sometimes addressed as seemed appropriate. However, these questions do reflect the general direction of the interview.


1. How do you define publishing?

2. Do you regard this is just the initial release of content or remaining available longterm?

3. Thinking about the long-term sustainability, is this just for existing materials, or allowing the constant addition of new materials?

Commercial sustainability

4. Is there an assumption of commercial sustainability later? Why?

5. What happens if the project becomes commercially viable? Will it be taken away as a result?

6. Will these functions of library be merged into some wider IT/Info Services body?

Role of libraries

7. What is a libraries 'core business'?

8. Is this sort of initiative part of that core business?

9. Can epublishing become part of a libraries core business?

Project origins

10. How did the project start?

11. What is its likely future?

12. Org. context- did it start top down or bottom up?

13. Did it grow and flourish outside mainstream of major strategic mgt of university?

14. Were its origins accidental or deliberate or serendipitous?

15. How does it fit into the universities overall strategic plan?

Critical Success Factors and SWOT

16. What do you regard as the Critical Success Factors (CSF) for Highwire?

17. How are these different to any project of this type?

18. What do you see as the strengths of Highwire?

19. What do you regard as the weaknesses of Highwire?

20. What do you see as the opportunities for Highwire?

21. What do you regard as the threats to Highwire?

22. If you had your time over again, what would you do differently?

Anything else I should have asked?

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