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Hypermedia Online Publishing: the Transformation of the Scholarly Journal

2.1 Introduction

The previous chapter discussed the overall aims of this thesis and the specific research questions that would be addressed. These questions can be characterised as broadly relating to the transformation of the:

These questions cannot be answered in a vacuum. All scholarly endeavour takes place in the context of a range of possible theoretical perspectives. Before considering the research questions, it is important to consider relevant theoretical work and how this might inform the research and its conclusions. Whatever theoretical framework is chosen needs to relate directly to the research questions, but does not need to explicitly reference the subject domain of the thesis.

This chapter identifies the most appropriate theoretical frameworks and their application to the subject of the thesis. Each candidate theory is introduced together with the main definitions, concepts or axioms. Next the chapter focuses on their general areas of application. Lastly their specific relevance to the research questions is drawn out. Having demonstrated the particular relevance of these theoretical approaches, other possible frameworks are briefly discussed.

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