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Hypermedia Online Publishing: the Transformation of the Scholarly Journal

1.3 Aims of the study

The programme of study for this thesis aimed to examine the transforming potentials of the new electronic publishing technologies and their effect on the traditional scholarly journal. The emphasis was on the ways in which the potentials of these new technologies will (or may) become realised by the components of the scholarly communication industry. While the technology is an important part of this study, it is not the most important. That place belongs to the potential changes that the new technologies allow and their adoption by the various participants and stakeholders in the ecology of scholarly publishing. By using these technologies, it is possible for both all elements in the ecology to change themselves (and in turn, each other). This study attempted to look at what has happened to date and predict what might happen in the future. The design of the study is grounded in a model of an ecology of communicative transactions. (see 2.2.4: An ecology of communicative transactions on page 31). This model was then applied to the specific ecology that is scholarly journal publishing.

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