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Hypermedia Online Publishing: the Transformation of the Scholarly Journal

8.3.3 Financial sustainability

Highwire currently operates as a separate cost centre within the library, with the Publisher of Highwire, Mike Keller, also being the University Librarian, and Director of Academic Information Resources. At the time of writing the Highwire Press team listed on their homepage consists of 26 people (including support staff). The more senior Highwire staff also fulfil other positions within Stanford University. The project is currently commercially sustainable, in line with Stanford's policy of extensive chargeback for services. It is not however seen as a way for the university or library to make a profit. Rather, it is viewed as a cost-recovery exercise with both tangible and intangible benefits for the university. Because of its organisational location within the library and physical location in Silicon Valley, the infrastructure was already in place to ease the startup process.

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