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Hypermedia Online Publishing: the Transformation of the Scholarly Journal

8.3.4 Products

Implicit in the Highwire Press mission statement is their intention to provide a model for re-engineering scholarly communication. To this end, they are working in partnership with scholarly societies to bring existing print journals online. The first of these, The Journal of Biological Chemistry has now been joined by 24 largely biomedical publications which are available in both print and electronic form. An additional five or six dozen more titles will be available online by the end of 1998 (please consult their homepage for details). For many of these titles there was a personal or professional connection between the journal personnel, which is what drove the development of successive journals within particular discipline areas.

These journals are at the leading edge of Web-based journal publishing and are progressively adding a number of additional value features that are only possible in an online environment. These include:

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