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Hypermedia Online Publishing: the Transformation of the Scholarly Journal

8.4.5 Lessons learned

Critical to the success of ILEJ has been the collaboration between sites which provides a wider pool of expertise and technology to draw on. Of course, this has also meant an increased coordination load, taking the time of staff who were paid to do other jobs and who were too busy anyway. This factor was exacerbated by the decision (taken after careful analysis) not to appoint a project manager and to use the funds saved for technical staff instead.

Another difficulty encountered was delays in the availability of necessary scanning technology. This meant a consequential lag in appointing scanning staff and a lack of content in the early stages of the project. Peter Leggate indicated that if the project had ben able to acquire a stock of page images earlier, then they could have modified the servers and programmed functions in a more informed way.

Peter Leggate also made the point that ILEJ is strongly committed to offering a useful service to the scholarly community, not just doing a digitisation project. While this has been a fruitful model, it has also involved a necessarily greater spread of activities.

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