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Hypermedia Online Publishing: the Transformation of the Scholarly Journal

8.4.6 Future prospects

The issues faced by ILEJ are those that will have to be faced long-term by the new proposed hybrid libraries. Such libraries will have to deal with a spectrum of resources. Very rare and old materials will probably be digitised anyway. Current materials will increasingly become available in electronic form. ILEJ is dealing with the issue of what to do with the vast bulk of material in the middle, although it has been able to avoid the vexed issue of copyright. The most likely solution is to digitise high demand materials first and then do digitisation on demand for the remainder (although funding this on-demand work may be difficult). With respect to material still covered by copyright, Peter Leggate's view is that libraries need to convince journal publishers that there is little money to be made from their older material. One suggestion he made is that after 20 years, perhaps materials could be digitised on demand with a minimal licence cost. Getting the publishers to agree to this may be problematic, of course.

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