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Hypermedia Online Publishing: the Transformation of the Scholarly Journal

8.5.4 Products

Figure 8-2: Pathfinders Navigation map

The main product of Project Educate has been a series of Web-based self-paced user education courses called Into Info. These provide training in the selection and use of information tools and resources in particular subject areas (chemistry, physics, electrical and electronic engineering, and energy to date). All the Into Info modules are based on a multi-level hierarchical structure with rich internal and external hyperlinking. The first level of the hierarchy offers:

An example Pathfinders map is shown in figure 8-2.

As well as providing users with skills in using the information resources, the Into Info modules act like an annotated bibliography of the highest-quality resources in each discipline area. In this way, users of the modules learn simultaneously how to access resources and which are the best to access.

These courses are both used within the member universities and site-licensed to other universities for use in their own user-education programs.

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