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Hypermedia Online Publishing: the Transformation of the Scholarly Journal

1.8 Related work

A number of other researchers have examined the issue of scholarly serials in on-line electronic form from a range of perspectives.

Many of these articles and conference papers deal with general issues that affect electronic scholarly publishing and are more of the nature of reflections on themes or discussion of future of possibilities. The articles will be discussed and referenced in the chapters dealing with potentials (see 5: Potentials and Pressures for Transformation on page 76) and responses (see 6: Developing Responses on page 88).

Because this thesis is based on surveys and case-studies, it seemed best to focus on related research with an explicit data collection focus. This section will outline this related research here while in general not dealing with any results. The results will be considered in detail in the context of the results from the surveys and library case studies performed for this thesis (see 9: Interpretation of findings on page 161).

The relevant related research can be categorised into the following categories:

1.8.1 E-journals and tenure and reward structures

1.8.2 Citation studies

1.8.3 General attitudinal studies

1.8.4 Single e-journal readership survey

1.8.5 Survey of e-journals

1.8.6 Digital library studies

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