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Hypermedia Online Publishing: the Transformation of the Scholarly Journal

1.8.3 General attitudinal studies

Some researchers have examined attitudes to e-journals themselves, either as the main focus of their research or as a component.

F. W. Lancaster [Lancaster, 1995a] distributed a survey in November 1993 to 309 administrators (of which 150 responded) of universities whose libraries are members of the Association of Research Libraries (ARL). The recipients were either library directors or administrators with responsibilities for academic research. The questions related to possible advantages of networked electronic scholarly publishing over existing procedures, factors affecting the implementation of such a networked system, and a ranking of the priority to be assigned to developing such a networked approach to publishing research articles relative to a range of other academic priorities.

Ann Bishop examined the features provided by 7 e-journals [Bishop, 1995] Her analysis is based on her reactions and opinions alone and did not involve any data collection.

Finally, a comprehensive study by Don Schauder examined attitudes of an international sample of academics to electronic scholarly publishing [Schauder, 1994]. A total of 2,229 questionnaires were distributed and 582 returned. The 12-page survey instrument asked respondents to answer questions in the following categories:

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