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14 Addendum

This section of the thesis seeks to respond to the comments from Professor Linda Schamber, both with respect to significant errata and to more substantive methodological and theoretical issues. In doing this I first wish to thank both the examiners for the care and intellectual rigour with which they approached their task. Their comments are extremely valuable and greatly appreciated. Owing to process issues at Monash there was a substantial delay before the examiner's reports reached me. On the advice of Prof. Don Schauder, my principal supervisor, I have provided the amendments required by Prof. Schamber in the form of an Addendum to be pasted into the thesis, which has already been bound in accordance with Monash PhD regulations. I am grateful for the extent of Prof. Schamber's queries and suggestions. Whilst as a matter of practicality I could not incorporate all of her suggestions in this amending Addendum, I hope that her principal concerns and comments have been addressed. To the extent that any points may have been omitted, this is not intended as a reflection on their worth.

14.1 Errata

14.2 Responses to research findings comments

14.3 Responses to suggestions

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