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Hypermedia Online Publishing: the Transformation of the Scholarly Journal

14.1 Errata

The examiner has performed a very thorough job of copy-editing the thesis text. Suggested changes and improvements will certainly be incorporated in any further publication derived from the thesis. Particular errata that require comment are:

p.10 The citation of Kurosawa's Rashomon is a reference to this film's use of multiple points of view of a single event. This should have been made clearer in the text.

p. 138 Replace 'more or less' with 'greater or fewer'.

p. 189 Capitalise EDUCATE in the header.

p. 200 Replace 'emphasis' with 'emphasise'

p. 227 'Schauder's study' should read 'Schauder's study of attitudes of an international sample of academics to electronic scholarly publishing'.

p. 244 Replace 'Highwire' with '[Name of Project]'.

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